Is your organization undergoing a merger & acquisition and looking to develop a unified culture? Is your business growing and you need to create and implement an HR Strategy? Are you developing or revamping organizational culture to increase employee engagement and retention? Did your business complete a DEI assessment and now you need to interpret the results and create a new strategy and HR practices?

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Infinite Ubora Consulting can help you navigate challenges.

I have over 20 years of hand-on experience in all aspects of HR, as well 10+ years’ experience in C-Suite roles such as a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) and Chief Administrative Officer. I collaborate with your business to create a thriving, people-centered, high-performing environment.

With deep listening and intelligent discovery, I meet organizations and people where they are. Our highly customized approach ensures results, regardless of your current state and the path your organization is on.

My experience spans several industries and multiple billion-dollar organizations across the United States. With a focus on transparent pricing and communication, I will help you define success and achieve it.

Together, we develop effective strategies to reach your desired future state.

Culture and Engagement Strategy Development

A well-crafted culture and engagement strategy helps an organization stay relevant, create a positive work environment and align staff with strategic objectives. I partner with organizations to identify key patterns, themes and areas of strengths and opportunities within their culture to attract, engage and retain talent.

  • Cultural Assessment
  • Culture and Engagement Roadmap

Succession Management

Planning for the future of your organization isn’t only recruiting new talent, it includes recognizing existing talent who have the potential to be future leaders and preparing them for advancement. I can help you create a proactive strategy that builds a  sustainable leadership pipeline, maintains stability during leadership transition and fosters a culture of continuous development and growth.

  • Identification of Critical Positions
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Performance Management

Organizational Change Management

Change is inevitable in organizations, whether it’s technology changes, market changes, or internal restructuring, the organization’s ability to transition smoothly to the new desired state minimizes disruptions. I work with you to reduce resistance and manage employee risk associated with whatever change your organization is embarking upon.

  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Transition Management
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Communication

Human Resources Effectiveness

A successful organization relies on its Human Resources department to contribute to achieving organizational goals. I partner with your organization to ensure Human Resources processes, programs and policies align and support the workforce and business strategy.

  • HR Structure Assessment
  • Role and Responsibility Review
  • Processes and System Review