“I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Kimila for four years when we were both Executives at Quartz. Kimila is a trusted leader and consummate professional. During our tenure, Quartz went through a number of significant changes: integration of legacy companies, a CEO transition and a global pandemic. Thanks to Kimila’s unwavering focus on our employees and their needs, these changes were opportunities for increased employee engagement rather than challenges to our corporate culture.  Kimila is a trusted leader because she exemplifies the values of Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Resourcefulness. She harnesses these values to build bridges, solve problems and move organizations forward. I would highly recommend Kimila to any organization looking for a partner to guide organizational change, improve employee engagement or improve culture through a deeper commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.”

“As an Executive working closely with Kimila for over 10 years, I have witnessed her ability to transform an organization’s culture and leadership capabilities.  Kimila conducted an extensive evaluation of Quartz’s organizational health and formulated a plan based on our specific needs.  Under Kimila’s leadership, Quartz implemented an Employee Engagement program which produced results that outpaced our industry.  She developed a formal leadership succession plan that accelerated the careers of our key contributors.  She designed a DE&I program that became an integral part of Quartz’s high performing culture and reputation.

Kimila takes great pride in her work and holds herself and her team accountable for exceptional results.   She has always conducted herself with high professional standards and earns respect through meaningful relationships.”

“A trusted advisor, strategic thinker and results-oriented business partner, everything about Kimila Daniels is reason for great excitement.  She is an exceptional leader—knowledgeable, experienced, passionate, dedicated and committed to excellence.  Kimila has a stellar reputation for providing keen insights, developing high performing teams, increasing employee engagement and retention, and building inclusive cultures that align with strategic business initiatives.

I worked with Kimila in her role as Chief Administrative officer at Quartz Health Solutions where she oversaw the diversity, equity and inclusion function.  During turbulent times in society and organizationally, she expertly coached and advised her executive team, which laid a foundation for the necessary leadership mindset transformation that resulted in organizational culture change. Kimila provided a calm approach, clear vision and skillful executive direction to build an inclusive culture aligned with her organization’s strategic business initiatives.

A masterful listener, Kimila is insightful and not afraid to ask hard questions. She provides wise, practical and expert guidance always delivered with clarity and compassion. With her extensive background in human resources, organizational development and executive leadership, Kimila navigates complex issues in ways that yield maximum positive results.

Kimila is an exceptional individual—as evidenced by her work in industry and service to her community. In situations where excellence and effectiveness are desired, Kimila Daniels is the superior choice. I highly commend her to anyone seeking to enhance culture and build individual and organizational strength.”

“Kimila is an outstanding leader, team builder and knows how to build a healthy corporate culture.  She is perceptive with outstanding emotional intelligence.  During the seven years working together, Kimila introduced programs and metrics which allowed our organization to create long-term, sustainable,  positive change, by empowering managers with practical solutions to engage employees.  We received local and national recognition for the programs developed and implemented under Kimila’s leadership.”

“Kimila Daniels is a multifaceted transformation partner who has demonstrated success in helping others build better business relationships, improve leadership skills, and navigate through prevalent topics such as Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

Over the time we have worked together, I have witnessed her span personal and professional consulting spectrums seamlessly, which can be attributed to her passion for providing valuable advice and guidance to help organizations meet their key performance indicators (KPIs), goals, and objectives, which is impossible without addressing the workforce’s needs.

If you are looking for someone capable of providing a road map supported by an execution plan to reach your business or professional destination, Kimila Daniels should be your consultant of obvious choice.”